Get Behind The Chair ~ Redefining Your Groove With Rhonda Patmon

After being in a collegiate course for a month I went back to fitness class last night and it was hard to get back into the breathing of things. Lol The instructor called for a break, I'm thinking I was late to this class and even the break isn't enough. I was winded but I tried to hang in there. Then it was time for the chair exercises and I hear our instructor say, "Get behind the chair." In my mind I throw a three year old temper tantrum and think, "I don't want to get behind the chair." I got behind the chair. 

You ever hear people talk about their "Day Ones"? Rhonda Patmon is my Day One instructor. When I went to my first class and I had to figure out if I was at home in the living room dancing to Pandora or in a fitness class. Did I hear Heavy D, Sunshine Anderson and Drake? What???? Her song lists will keep you moving. She even incorporates line dancing, I had to figure out the Biker's Shuffle by practicing at home. Rhonda's energy is magnetic and she makes the class challenging and fun. I need both. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to a fitness class, heck I think it was at the Friars Club, when it was located in Clifton. Now that was a long time ago. 

Rhonda shared some of her story with me. She is a kidney recipient and she used dancing and exercising to get herself back to health. We are all so fortuante. In November I began a journey to a better me. I prayed to God to help me to be a cleaner eater and I also prayed for assistance in helping me find a class that I would enjoy and would attend on a continuous basis. God answered. He knows how much I love music. 

Now on Tuesdays I can be found at the Woodlawn Recreation Center working out to music that ranges from MC Hammer to Drake to R. Kelly. We line dance (my struggle area lol), we dance, we increase our heart rates and we look forward to the next Tuesday. 

Being away from a month was rough to say the least but I'm glad that I had something to miss. Something to look forward to. I even have friends that go with me, some initially think that the music might not be appealing to them and when they show up they ask, "Are we coming back?" Of course we are. Our groove has been redefined and we are loving every minute of it. 

We love you Ms. Rhonda and we so appreciate Markesha Blackmon for her vision, Hip Hop Redefined, and how it's blessing so many women in our city. 

Ms. Rhonda Patmon


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