45 Pounds Gone #BePatientWithSelf

I'm writing this blog on Friday June 5, 2015. The goal when I wake up one day over this weekend is to get on the scale and see that I have hit another milestone, a total loss of 45lbs. It's been over a month since my last update and well losing the next five pounds wasn't the issue rather it was gaining some of the weight back that I had lost. This weight wasn't lost in a day. I've been trying to lose this since April. #BePatientWithSelf

My goal in this process is to be transparent. There was a  point when I had gained six pounds after I lost the 40. How do I know? I get up nearly morning and one of the first things that I do is to get on the scale and record the data. I've seen that number creep up and it was discouraging and but at times it was self-inflicted to be honest. One day I had a chocolate covered doughtnut from Buskens. I did. I did. I'll admit it and I had a Tiger Tail and a vanilla latte too. Thank God for an incredible accountability team because they ask often. "Are you still on track?" "Are you working out still?" My favorite reaction is when my younger son, who is nine mind you, sees me mess up and immediately yells to my older son, "Alex!!!!!!! Mommy is cheating! She's eating......!" I mean really? Lol. The inner support staff at home is quite interesting.

Trying to slip stuff in to my new way of eating has had it moments. Sometimes it's downright discomforting and I run back to my path. Then when I'm doing really well my friend spoils me and brings me carrot cake from The Cheesecake Factory. Flag on the play as I shout, "Not fair!"  That cake is everything perfect though. It's so moist and it's served with three dollops of whip cream. Again, #BePatientWithSelf

So, I have had minor setbacks but I continue to press forward. My next goal will be to lose 20 more pounds by the end of summer. I think it's possible, especially if I stay away from #hespoilsme. Lol For the next milestone my friend Stephanie has already decided we will celebrate by having a spa day. Ahhh!!! 

Keep me in prayer as I lay aside this weight that I have carried unnecessarily. I gotta let it go. I'm so, so thankful for Tyler, Alex, Enjoli, Stephanie and Quay for all of their support. Now, it's Sunday morning and I am so reflective and so appreciative of God's plan for me. For years I have carried the weight of hurt, disappointment, and low self-esteem. I just hear God say to me, "Arlinda those days are over, let it go." Each day I'm working on becoming a better me. 

Be blessed and stay encouraged!! 


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