From My Brother's View ~ Tyler McKinley Class Of 2024

This past weekend my 3rd grade son's team Indy Hoosiers InouGsio played in the Coach T Classic in St. Louis, MO. That we were in the area was an awesome experience in itself, and yes we visited Ferguson, but what I realize after looking at the pics is even more awesome. 

My older son Alex McGlothin has played basketball since kindergarten. Now at 22 he's had to deal with the emotions surrounding ACL surgeries and losing collegiate scholarships. Imagine tearing your ACL the summer before your senior year. This last surgery has taken him off the court for nearly two years. So when people started requesting Tyler to play I was concerned about Alex. 

I kept wondering how this would impact him. You have to understand that the court was where Alex dealt with a great deal of stress over the years and to not have that has been very difficult as a mother to watch. But then something happened.....

All of the things that Alex knows and completely understands he began to pour into his little brother. Alex started going to all of Tyler's practices and working him out 2 or 3 times a week. He makes sure that Tyler is fit and ready to play in regular season games and tournament play. It wasn't a year ago that Tyler was losing his desire to play and now they have both met in this incredible space of understanding and expected achievement. 

Tyler is not the same player he was in 2nd grade. Recently we were in Lexington and someone said, "Who's working with Tyler?" Parents began to seek out who was with him to find out who was training him. Now a whole world of different opportunities are opening up for Alex and he's praying for the direction to start his own company to train youth for basketball. Isn't God simply awesome!!! 

Last Saturday, at 7:40am (let that sink in), I watched Alex watch Tyler prepare for the first game. It was nearly breathtaking to see the adoration they have for each other and how important it is for them to have each other. Once home Alex came to me and said, "Ma, Tyler is going to have more opportunities than I had. I'm gonna make sure he's ready."

The sky is the limit from his brother's view and from a mother's view all things are working together.


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