Makes Me Wanna Holler ~ Mike Brown, Jordan Davis, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin #TheirLivesDoMatter

There was a very small part of me that was hopeful for an indictment on November 24. The rest of me was full aware that it wasn't going to happen. I think after listening to the prosecutor deliver what I call his "Dr. Seuss" version of what happened I became a bit more pissed with each sentence. Did he really have to, in 20 minutes, tell the world that Mike Brown's life wasn't worth an indictment? He really could have just thanked the jury, gave the results and kept it moving. 

I have stayed tuned to CNN. I slept with it on just as I did in August. Did it disturb me to see the people looting? Yes. Ferguson should have prepared better for that. Businesses should have been protected but so should human life. I watched Darren Wilson on ABC last night. He may have said a lot but what I heard him say was this. "He felt small like a five year old holding on to Hulk Hogan. It doesn't haunt me. It's something that happened. I would do it again." Really Darren? Darren is still getting paid. People are raising money for him. He's gotten married recently. And Mike Brown? And Trayvon Martin? And Tamir Rice? And Jordan Davis? There will be no removal from work with pay. No marriage. Futures shot short.

Instead during this holiday season we will hear the silent screams of mothers and fathers who birthed children who are now historic accounts of brown boys whose lives seem not to matter to some. This uproar across the country is not solely for Mike Brown but to let people know that #TheirLivesDoMatter 

Too Brown
Music Too Loud
Built Like A Wrestler
Skittles And Tea
Toy Guns
What Are You Intimated For?
They Are Just Kids
But They Gone Now
You Ain't Gotta Be Scared Now
Live Your Life With No Regrets Now
Makes Me Wanna Holla
And Throw Up Both My Hands


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