Just Remembering

Today I took my son's little hand in mine
As we walked up the street to possibly to see my grandmother in her home one last time
I told him how a dog bit me when I was little in her front yard
Though I didn't tell him I blamed my sibling for it...
We get in the house I think back to Christmas dinners 
Gifts under a beautiful tree
The trees were always beautiful
Easter Sundays
Frilly hats and socks
Smells coming from the kitchen
Sitting at the little table
I stood in that kitchen today and remembered the sizzle of the hot comb and curling iron
The thought of runny eggs for breakfast
I couldn't stand eating eggs with stuff running out
I think I ate them, I had to 
There was no choice
I watched children play in her backyard
Adults try to hold it together
I knew when I got home I would be ok
Weird looking at how many things match my comforter set
Shoe, sweaters...
I guess my grandmother knew too
She gave it to me as a Christmas present
I remember opening and thinking, "How did she know?"
So tonight as I cry myself to sleep
I'm wrapped up in her last gift to me.


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