There Is Peace In Memphis, TN For Me

About 12 years ago my son was a 3rd grader and we traveled to Memphis for AAU Nationals. What I remembered the most was the huge churches and me being introduced to the concept of church life centers. At that time I had not heard of such. These churches were huge and they had fitness centers and basketball courts. I want to say that it was Ridgeway Baptist that had a sign outside of its court that said "Enter His Court With Praise". I was in such awe.

It was more to Memphis that I loved. It was serene to me. It was so beautiful to me. I felt like I was where I was supposed to me at that moment. To say the least we had a ball and at one point I'm walking through a strip mall and an older lady stops me and asks if I was from Memphis. I tell her no and she says you should think about moving here. That conversation has stayed with me for 12 years. Can you imagine that?

Well here it is 2014 and I have a 2nd grade son playing AAU. (Yeah, I know weird huh?) You would never imagine where AAU Nationals were this year. Yes! Memphis! Mind you they played in Maryland and it was a coach and players only trip a couple of weeks ago. The trip to Memphis, I was going and we went and I had a ball.

We stayed on the University of Memphis campus and I fell in love with the Poplar Avenue area with it's somewhat hidden mall and cute stores sprinkled all over the place. One evening my son and I went to dine at The Germantown Commissary and as we were riding we drove past the hotel we stayed at 12 years ago. I felt this heavy spirit come over me and I heard God say, "I've brought you back to the place you were years ago to feel what you felt then." I couldn't think of the word to describe how I felt in Memphis until I discussed it with my niece and the first and only word she could say was "peace". 

I completely receive that. So now I've decided to make another trip to Memphis soon. I won't let another 12 years go by without me being in the place that makes me feel so peaceful.

Holiday Inn at The University of Memphis

Germantown Commissary

Corky's BBQ 

Our last stop in Memphis before getting on the expressway. I just needed one last reminder of the time spent there. 


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