Sneezed On The Beat.........

Sneezed On The Beat.........

Prior to December 2013 I had not owned any Beyonce' music, not even a Destiny Child's single. I would watch their videos just to see the unique coordination of their outfits. Once Mrs. Carter went solo I would continue to watch her videos and every award show that she would perform on but still hadn't made a purchase. I loved her energy and just thought she was simply fabulous, especially when performing with her hubby Jay Z. 

For some reason I just never felt a real connection to Beyonce' until the birth of her beautiful daughter Blue. When I read about her speaking on motherhood things began to change for me. It was like ok, we have something in common. We are mothers. 

I woke up the day after the surprise release to all of the commotion on social media. I had not made it to iTunes before someone had posted the video for Partition. Whoa!! I must have sat and watched that video over and over. Then I heard there were more videos. I was quickly absorbed in reading about the sales and listening to the songs online. 

Remember when videos were are big deal coming out? MTV would tell you when the world premier for a video would be and you would sit and wait and watch it every hour on the hour. How else did we learn the Thriller dance? Beyonce's release was something similar. It wasn't comparable to anyone else's videos or anyone else's music. 

As much as some people want to criticize Beyonce' and her music, some of her songs are explicit, I couldn't help but be excited for how well her album did in December. It's motivating. Yes, her money is different from most but we all have the same 24 hours. What are you doing with yours? It got me to a laptop and I not only finished my second self pub book but I made it available for sale. 

Now, I'm listening to Beyonce often and she's coming to Cincinnati on June 28. The city is excited and I am too. Even if I don't get inside the concert, the most expensive tickets seem to be left, best believe if I'm in town I will be in the area. The chance to hear a snippet of Yonce' or Partition live..Man listen! That's gonna be crazy!

Once day I wasn't feeling well and all I could think to text a friend was "I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker." The response from my friend was one of confusion. "But you saved Arlinda." Yeah, well there are some saved chicks that love Beyonce' too. 


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