Christmas Dinner That Went Completely Wrong

This past Christmas was very busy for my family. Well, Christmas time generally is. I knew we would be visiting family members and with my son being home from school I wanted to make sure we had food at home too. So, I come up with this menu. Baked chicken, corn pudding, cornbread and greens. Yes, greens!! 

I had been craving greens and went to the local grocery store and picked up two cans of Glory Greens. My house smelled so good and eventually people started to stop by. Even though we were all going somewhere who doesn't stop for a sampler plate?

We were all in the kitchen when I heard my sister yelling. My sister continued to yell. It was when she screamed my name that I ran into the dining room. I stood and looked at her shocked face and she said nothing. She simply looked at her plate. I followed her eyes and immediately left my dining room yelling for my nephew. It was all I could take to see a head with two beady eyes and what appeared to be antennae on a plate mixed with greens. 

My sister and I have both contacted Glory Foods. I was never contacted. My sister was, they offered her more coupons for Glory Food products. Needless to say, they never have to worry about me purchasing another Glory Food product.

I Googled "Glory Food Insects" and articles came up. This whole situation is disheartening. I mean who wants their Christmas dinner ruined? With an insect? There was no glory here. 

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