R&B Divas LA ~ Kelly Price, Last Night"s Episode...Disappointing

So last night I tuned into TVOne to watch R&B Divas LA. Mainly at my friend's, Stephanie, urging. Rarely do I watch reality television shows, they tend to make me feel some kind of way. I’ve watched a few episodes of R&B Divas LA. I like the women on there. Their music has been a back drop for my college years and for several of my relationships. When I saw who was going to be on the show I was like, “Ok. I’ll watch.” Now after last night’s episode I’m thinking, “Maybe I won’t watch anymore.” To be honest I can just follow on Twitter, where fans of Kelly Price have been very upset at her attitude and treatment of the women on the show. Well…not Dawn. That’s a whole other set of thoughts though.

I think what bothered me was how Kelly constantly throws up the fact that she’s busy. We know! We know! We get it. You can’t be everywhere the group is because you’re so busy. Yet, you’re not too busy to always let us know how busy you are. You’re not too busy to make attempts of making others feel bad because they are not as busy as you are. Yes, the Not Your Momma Monologues was your idea. Yes, you brought that idea to the table and the women were all excited to participate. Now when it comes to the planning and the direction guess what? Kelly Price is too busy. So they go and find someone to assist them, Mr. Fred (he seemed like a professional and mild person), and you dismiss him and treat him like he is less than you. I’ve read where you believe that the show’s editing is putting you in a negative light. Last night, those were your words. Your actions. Twitter was filled all night with fans who were disappointed, not in the show. Rather they were disappointed in Kelly Price. 

Did your team not read the Tweets last night? Did you not feel in any way that something was not right last night? Did your close friends text you? Call you? Someone had to tell you the Kelly Price train was crashing. 

Is the next step for you to go on Fix My Life? Ms. Iyanla is going to suggest that you sit in your own reality. Maybe you’re too busy to realize that you need to talk to someone about what’s going with you. Sometimes we wear masks to hide the very thing that hurts us. Being busy could be that mask that you hide behind. As if all off that busyness will prevent you from seeing yourself. Look in the mirror. There’s a person hurting here and instead of dealing with that hurt you’re spewing it on others. Hurt people hurt people. 

This show consists of your peers. Is it their skin tones that are an issue for you? Is it that one is already being asked by fans to have her own show? Are you dealing with too much for you to handle? Sometimes we have to ask the hardest questions of ourselves. 

I’ve been a fan for years but last night was a bit much. No, we shouldn’t put celebrities on pedestals but you put yourself on TV for all to see. I don’t even know if I can sit through another episode and for this show to appear on a station that should celebrate each other as women that moment was definitely harmed last night. 

Whatever the issue, I hope it all comes together. I just know that after the way you spoke to the women on R&B Divas LA last night you wouldn’t be a friend of mine.


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