8/28/13 ~ God's Promise, It Works Together

So today, I'm a little flustered. Somethings ain't, yep I used that word, particularly warm and fuzzy here lately. Though I stay encouraged, I know God has placed me here. I walk down to the end of the hall and I'm in a coworkers room and while I'm talking about defeat I look on his board and I see the date, 8/28/13. 

Wow! Wow! Wow! Last night I was just studying about the #13 and how it means God's promise. And there's not enough that can be said about 8:28 in the book of Romans. When I realize what I'm seeing, I look on the next board. What does it say? Same thing. 8/28/13. 

My interpretation of 8/28/13. God's promise is that He'll work all things out for my good. I love Him. I've been called. My God is so awesome in that He brings me to the end of the hall in a weary state and restores me with a double message from Him. 

Then add to that, the remaining pieces of a vision God gave me came together on today, on 8/28. People can say what they want about me but it's not what it seems.  

My pastor spoke a word to us on Sunday from Psalm 23:1 and today I can truly say the Lord is my shepherd & I ain't worried about nothing. 


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