Sushi, My Son & Me at Sakura Asian Fusion in Kissimmee, FL

          Sakura Asian Fusion
For a couple of years I have been attempting to get my son to try Sushi. The answer has always been 'No". I kept telling him that he was going to meet someone who would make him try something new. Sure enough two weeks ago he tells me that he is going out with a friend, who was home from college. "Where are y'all going? Sushi? Sushi? Really?"

See, I told him. He didn't listen to me. Well, I didn't listen to my mom about a lot of things either. (Hmmmm. The payback begins.) Ok. Back to Sushi. I had to go online and tell him all of the things he would not like. I told him to remember this word "tempura", which means the food is battered and then fried. He's not a real seafood person so I knew salmon would be a sure bet for him to try for the first time. Later that evening when he comes home he tells me that Sushi is not bad. Again I say, "Really?"

Now we are on vacation and what do my son and I desire to eat? Yes, Sushi. We can't find any place open in the Kissimmee area and eventually we give up. Days later we are sitting at the pool and a friend tells us about a place right outside of the resort that rolls Sushi to order. Right outside of the resort?  Before you get to the traffic light?  That is a whole nother blog about what you need being within your reach, yet you all over the place looking for it.

The day we hear about Sakura is the day we visit. With my sons in tow we walk into this incredible restaurant. The owners were so nice to us and so pleasant. We order the Tempura Salmon Roll and Krab Rangoon. The preparer allows us to watch him prepare our meal and begins to tell us about how Sushi places are becoming popular and that people needed to understand that Sushi is also an art form. As I watched him I was in agreement. From the method of cutting the food to creating the roll, it was like watching art come to life.

He even told us that we needed to eat it immediately or the crunchiness would disappear with the steam. With their permission I took pictures. Sakura is so welcoming, so inviting, so pretty. When we arrived back to our room, we were more than satisfied. My son and I were filled with the best tasting Sushi I've ever had.

So on Wednesday as we prepared for our last meal in Florida there was no doubt for me. I called and placed my order. When my son came in with my Tempura Salmon he said, "Mom, he remembered me." Well, I'll never forget them. We will see them again next summer.


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