Sit Here In This Silence

Early in the morning
Late in the night
I'm just sitting here, laying here 
The silence is what I need to think
To hear 
From Him
Only tonight, He's not speaking
Rather listening to me
Decisions I need to make
Decisions I shouldn't have made
Thinking back on voices heard
Telling me
Trying to break me
Convincing me 
Deciding not to be bitter
Trying to be better
My crown slipped
Had to go back to Him
He sent me to her
Esther & I sat several times
Just talking about being a princess
Becoming a queen 
She adjusted my crown
Told me not to feel down
Assured me that what others try to do to you
It's already done to them. 
No need to wish for what already is.  

©2013 LindarInsights


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