My Love For Lavender

Pic taken at Joseph Beth in Rookwood

     If one didn't know. I love everything lavender. My mom introduced the scent to me years ago. She told me it was a calming scent. That is all I needed to know. Doing my first years of teaching my mother gave me lavender oil in a very unique glass bottle. Even now on my desk I keep lavendar oil in a bottle with wooden reeds in it.

     At home, most of our handsoap, dishwashing liquid and detergent is lavender scented. There's the lavender oil that burns and the Glade Plug Ins. In the window sill I am growing lavender that will be planted soon. There's another plant I love too, Russian Sage. It is so beautiful and I love to see it blow it in the wind. I can't wait for my lavender plant to grow some more.
My lavender plant in a bag

     Recently a friend posted about a store that sells lavendar gelato. I'll be there before summer ends. There is something very important to me about being calm and having calm things around me. Our lives our chaotic and we are always on the go. When I sit I just want to inhale the scent that my mom introduced me to and think about all things wonderful, all things calm.

     Whenever you come in my home, calmness and peacefulness is mandatory in our sanctuary and at some point you will encounter the beautiful smell of lavender.


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