If I Could Just Stay Right Here

Months ago I wrote "If I Could Just Stay Right Here". I shared it with a friend and this was his response. It amazed me that he was able to so quickly response. When I asked him where did he pick up so much about me. He said, I read your book. #Flattered

I do not want you to languish to long in this one place for you have been there for too long.
If you stay there much longer, you will miss the sun rise and the dawning of a bright future.
They violently placed you in a cacoon, and you took it as a net, a blanket of safety;it is not.
They blinded you and raped you of your promise, your promise of love and possibility.
They robbed you, took you and surrounded you with mal intent and darkness; too long have you laid in the darkness.

Now look to the shadows, the clouded hero, the one who you knew would come because you knew you deserved rescue.
Your hero charged in not wearing the typical garb of one foretold. His hat isn't white and his bullets aint silver.
His character is flawed and his soul is tortured.  He is a grisly grimy hero, yet your hero never the less.
His equine influenced mask is not to hide his identity, it is to hide his scars, he is beaten, bruised, and pale.

The epic demonic battles that he has fought were not of satanic influences they were battles used to forge and temper his soul, his God given soul.
With each battle he was being shaped and molded, tempered and tested so that one day he could stand before you.
His hands are unclean marred with dirt and blood yet he offers them to you and says trust me, follow me, I got this, I will lead the way.
Take his hands,part them and place your heart, fears, and pretty girl face into them.
Get off the couch and follow this violent hero into your destiny, why just stay there when tomorrow has a greater promise.

Don't imagine, just do.


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