United Tenors ~ You Have To Get This

I follow Fred Hammond on Social Media and I had heard him talking about United Tenors over the past several months. It must have been early April when I purchased it. I went to iTunes and listened to the sample selections. I heard I'm In the Midst and it was over, at that point I was sold.  I simply pressed the purchase button.

Still didn't listen to it. But I had purchased it in support of one of my favorite Gospel Artists. Fast forward to the Saturday before Resurrection Sunday. I'm laying down in my bed and decide to listen to the entire project. Tears, tears and more tears. Now, it may not have the same impact for you. But I guess I needed to hear some of these songs. I got stuck on some of the songs. Love You Like That, We Worship You, I'm In the Midst, Everybody Get Up, My God Is Real, and I Need You had to go on repeat several times. Sometimes I Need You stays on repeat so I can cry my face off when I think of how I've messed up and I can't make it without Him.

On this project are some very talented and vocally blessed brothers. Brian Courtney Wilson, Eric Roberson, David Hollister and Fred Hammond. Wow! Is about all one can say. Each song contains a contribution from each member that grabs you, making you want to hear more.

When I heard Unshakeable, I said to myself "Hearing UT live would be crazy." Well on May 17, I had the opportunity to bear witness to United Tenors ministering at the I Hear Music In The Air Concert. Those brothers tore it up, literally. Before I knew it, it was after 12:30 in the morning. Not only did they sing music from the UT project but near the end of their set each member sang a Fred Hammond song. You know how hear someone sing someone else's song and you get disappointed? That didn't happen. Rather you could see how Fred's music has had an impact on each member of the group. To see Fred sit, listen and watch the other members sing his music was humbling. It was like they were saying "We are going forward with United Tenors but this is what your music has done for me."

If you love gospel music and have a heart for worship you have to purchase this project and if you get an opportunity to see United Tenors in concert please do. It's an incredible worship experience and during their concert they encourage men only to get up and worship. Imagine a room full of men crying out to God to heal their brokenness, their family and their heart. It's truly a United Tenors moment.

And when our hearts are overwhelmed, we look to the cross
And there we are reminded that You are here.
I'm In the Midst ~ United Tenors


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