Do You Wanna See My Scars?

Do you wanna see my scars?

Sitting here just open to thoughts of bliss,
Sitting here wondering can that man really handle this?
Handle the parts that's broken
The parts that may seem hopeless.

Reading those words over and over
Wishing tonight you could just come closer.
To listen to my voice and hear it in my heart.
So I can tell you
When it all fell apart.

How I felt alone
Felt like I was nothing
How I felt so sad
Damn, those days were something.

And you maybe right
Those parts are healed
But there's that part that is not often revealed.

How I stay alone
Afraid to try again
Just to myself afraid to trust men

Content in my shell
No worries about heartache
Another brother leaving me
Just too much to take.

Wishing my boys could see me happy
The concern in their eyes
When they check after me
Some days are good
Some not
Nearly broke my heart when that last one got caught.

Probably for the best that he and I are now apart.
Made way for the man who offered to see my scars.


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