That Load Isn't Mine To Carry

We, I believe, know who we are at the core.
I believe that at the core most people are good people.
Our families have poured into us
Whether it's higher learning, a classical education, a love for the arts or athletics.
But as we grow we often stray from the dreams our families had for us.
We want to do our own thing with whoever and whenever.
Not given thoughts to what thus saith the Lord, soul ties or unplanned births.
So then we have a price to pay for our free will.
Bills, bills and more bills.
Sacrificed time and energy.
The only way to deal with that stress is to wear a mask like,
You got it going on but in reality you don't.
You're broken, but refuse to admit it, refuse to deal with it.
To admit it, you would have to stop and see yourself. Flaws and all.
To admit your brokenness you have to drop the mask and get transparent.
Though you won't do that. You don't want to deal with you.
Instead people tend to put that brokenness where it doesn't belong.
You want to give it to others who don't deserve your unwanted stuff.
Now the other person has to be brave enough to tell you your truth as they see it.
We're blessed to be a blessing.
Sometimes it's necessary to call a spade a spade.
Oh! And by the way that load, that you've accumulated over the years, isn't mine to carry.
What you won't do is try to give me something that doesn't belong to me so that you feel better about your scattered damaged pieces.
My God said every good and perfect gift comes from above.
Again, that load isn't mine to carry.
So, I've returned it to it's sender.


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