Sittin' Up In My Room

Whew!!! What a weekend! It was one of those good and busy weekends. Today at work I just wanted to come home and relax. I kept thinking about my blog and how I have not posted as much as I would have like to this year. Mainly because my computer is doing some special stuff and after purchasing a Kindle I am loving the luxury of creating all over my home. With my son being home, from college, I also have access to his laptop.

After regrouping when I came into the house I decided to grab his laptop and sit in the middle of my bed and allow my fingers to glide across the homerow keys for awhile. And since I am sitting in my room it's only right that I put Brandy's, Sittin' Up In My Room, on repeat. For me there is nothing like getting it all out. Even if I write and it only makes sense to me I have to get it out of my head.

So, I am sitting in my room and listening to this song and feeling quite peaceful.  The year is coming to an end and several beginning have started. I don't know where they are headed but it feels good to be a part of adult conversations. Last night my mother made a statement in the presence of some of my girlfriends. It about floored me. I guess it's time for me to consider some things.

Sitting here I'm thinking about so many things. Like I need to paint this room and purge some stuff in here. Since I have lived here this room has never gotten the attention it deserves. Already I have a group of friends willing to help paint and decorate. It needs the perfect set of curtains to compliment the beautiful windows and a craft area where I can sit and bring somethings to life.

Well the time has arrived. Time for new beginnings. Out with the old and in with the new. And like Brandy I'm sitting here thinking about who God has for me. I pray that he'll invest in my happiness.


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