Bind or Burden?

If a thing binds the results are closeness and a difficulty to separate.
A burden weighs.
We get to crossroads in our lives and often questions present themselves.
So, will it bind or burden?
Do I attach to it or allow it to weigh me down?
When one thinks of a burden you have to consider
-the heaviness
-how far you have to travel with it
-is it, whatever it is, worth carrying?
However if I bind I am pulling closer and forming intimate space that says I desire closeness.
Binding results in commitments because you are now tied to it.
Bind or burden?
Attach or get weighed down?
Several months ago I had a writing I wanted to edit.
I printed it out and went to Office Depot for binding.
The end result was that document is permanently in the order I want and need it to be in.
It will only separate if I tear it apart.
When I take it with me it's no longer a burden to carry or to navigate through.
Bind or burden?
Easy to navigate or difficult to carry?
I guess for any given person it would depend on their situation.
Personally I've had more than my share of burden. I've carried more than I needed to. It's time to take the load off.
Imma lay my burdens down.
Bind or burden?
I'll take bind for $200.


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