Ty Goes To See President Obama in Cincy

When President Obama cancelled his event in Cincinnati on Wednesday October 31 I had a whole lot of thoughts. One being what if President Obama was not reelected. I wanted to see him while he was still in office.

Being a part of the campaign proved advantageous when I received the email that he would be at UC on Sunday November 4. I immediately confirmed my ticket. About 2-3 minutes later it hit me. Take Ty too, be a part of history together.

On Sunday we left for church. Immediately afterwards we headed up to Clifton where we stood in line for over 4 hours to grab our bleacher seats with thousands of other supporters. We saw people from church and school. Ty played with children he had never met and took directions from folk he didn't know.

We stood on Jefferson Avenue for what seemed forever. It was cold and sunny. Then at times sunny then cold. Believe me there was a difference. Then around 8pm after hearing the incredible Stevie Wonder out came President Obama. I watched Tyler as he watched the arena go completely crazy. I wondered what he was thinking. Once the president started speaking Ty's eyes were glued to the stage.

I didn't take a lot of pictures but I am sharing what I took. We left the arena and saw the Secret Service, armed guards and Big Bird. As we made our way to the car I asked Ty what would he tell his teachers on the next day. His response, "Oh I got to write some sentences about this!"

Yes!!!!!! Moving Forward!!


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