The Kiss That I Have Been Waiting For

A couple of years ago I made a huge decision
It was just between Him and I
That I would wait on what He has for me
Not what I wanted for myself
A couple of years can be a long time
Especially if you are emotional, sensual
A Scorpio....Hello!!!!
Since that time I have stayed true
Leary of most brothers coming out the blue
Praying the Prayer of Jabez
The Prayer of Serenity
The past two years have put me really in tune to me
I've learned to rest in His arms
As He dries my tears
Holds me til I fall asleep
Once I fall asleep He kisses me
And tells me He loves me
Isn't that how it's suppose to be?
Those kisses are dear to my heart
They are worlds apart
From any kiss that I've ever had
Now that's the kiss
The kiss that I have waited for.
Not some cheap thrill that can
Walk in and out of any door.



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