Make A Diagnosis ~ Terri Savelle Foy


Today's Topic: Make a Diagnosis
Author: Terri Savelle Foy
Verse(s): Isaiah 61:1


As I began seeking God for my own healing, I discovered that in order to be healed, you first have to diagnose the problem. You could be taking all the wrong medicines if you don't know where you're sick. Last year, I was experiencing so much pain when I would chew my food and then try to swallow it. People thought it was the flu, strep throat, sinus infection, stress, ulcer, etc. They were recommending all different types of medicine. Finally, I went to the doctor myself, and she ran the tests. Once diagnosed, they could prescribe the right medicine. If I had never allowed someone to diagnose the problem I could have wasted time and money trying everything to get better.

You could be thinking that a new husband is going to fix the loneliness you feel in your current marriage. Or that a little cosmetic surgery will give you the confidence you've lacked your whole life. Or that a promotion will heal your insecurities. Or that having a baby will bring joy back into your life. Nothing on the outside is going to change the way you feel on the inside.

It wasn't until I began seeking God that I discovered my true problem. I used to think that I was just shy. That was my excuse for not going to certain parties or being around certain people. Or I would think, "I'm just humble. I don't have to be around the 'big wigs' to feel important." So I would avoid certain social events, avoid going in the "speakers rooms" with the famous preachers. It wasn't humility. It wasn't shyness. It was a fear of rejection. As God began to reveal this to me, He showed me different times in my life where I was severely rejected and treated as having no value or second best. I carried that into other relationships and experienced more rejection with more wrong soul ties. What you think about, you attract.

I had the diagnosis for my problem. I had a major fear of rejection. I truly thought deep down inside that I wasn't good enough, that I was ugly and I would be rejected. Now that I knew the problem, I could treat it.

How do you discover the root problem in your life? As with any illness, you have to seek out The Physician. In our case, that's God. He is the Great Physician. This is something only you can do for yourself. Nobody can go to the Physician for you. Have you ever been so sick that you don't even want to get out of bed, but you know you need to go to the doctor? You can't send your friend. You can't send your Pastor. You can't send your spouse or your mom. You have to do this for yourself.

I have thought about when you visit a doctor's office. They don't run a check-up on you in the waiting room in front of everyone. They don't run your tests in the lobby. It's in private. The doctor meets with you in a room alone, then visits you privately to run your tests. What am I saying? Get alone with God. He is the Great Physician. Healing always take place on the inside before it ever shows up on the outside.

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  1. This is awesome. So many people are also physically sick and could do a lot of research for themselves to understand Auto immune illnesses . Pray first and be led to understand your problems. God will show you. I love your devotionals Terri


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