Sometimes My Crown Is Slipping

A while back I posted about MaKaila Sapp, daughter of Pastor Marvin Sapp, releasing her first book Girl Behind the Mask - Diary of Marvin Sapp's Daughter. Recently I purchased her book and I read it last weekend.

Intially I'm thinking this book would be a perfect gift for any teenage girl going through some stuff. God knows our girls are struggling with so much right now. After further reading I realize that this book also spoke to the inner girl in me.

The one who was "not cute" during her teenage years. I didn't have the hair or the clothes. All I had was my intellect and belief in God, though at the time those things were the furthest things from my mind. It even got to the point where my mother sent me to modeling school. No, not to be a model, but to learn how to walk with my head up and to learn how to apply makeup and ultimately to learn that I was ok as I was.

So last week I'm sitting at my parent's reading MiKaila's book and she discusses being a princess. One of the lines that stood out to me in her discussion was "Sometimes my crown is slippin'. I had to hold it in, but I felt a need to worship. Now just prior to this she discusses her personal story and the story of Esther.

You see MiKaila has discovered that through her adversities she is a princess but even in being a princess sometimes we trip on things that we don't need to. No matter what we grow through we should all see ourselves as princesses. We are all valuable, all worthy, all beautiful. We have to know that for ourselves and not believe what others say about us.

I know for a fact that sometimes my crown is slippin'. Like when people take my kindness for weakness, when my heart gets broken, or when people don't value who God created me to be. Yeah at those times my crown slips. Though like Esther I believe I was created for a such as time as this. So from now on when I feel my crown slippin' let me simply adjust it and keep it moving for my court awaits me.

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