When It All Falls Apart ~ Riva Tims

I can reflect back now on waiting to see Pastor Zach Tims on the Word Network or TBN. He always had such an amazing and magnetic energy. I would love to watch him and his wife minister together. To many they seemed to have it all. Good looks, a family, and a growing ministry. Then all of a sudden you heard the rumors or you read about them online and eventually it all fell apart.

I follow Pastor Riva on Facebook and when I saw she had a book out I knew I had to read it. I knew she had some revelations and principles that I could apply to my personal situations. Once I downloaded to my Kindle I sat and read the Preface. Whew!!! Just that section alone confirmed that Pastor Riva's experiences were going to aid in blessing and healing others. The tears fell as I thought about how through our trials God still keeps us. He's an awesome God!!

What I love about this book is not just her openness but also her ability to line up scriptures and stories in the Bible so that readers can have a point of reference to further understand that our problems don't catch God by surprise and that He is always there, even in our darkest hours.

Be prepared to discover more about yourself as Pastor Riva shares her pains, heartaches and restoration on her path back to ministry and back to who God called her to be.

I would recommend this book for a Women's Bible study. So many women are going through but don't know how to get through. When It All Fall Apart helps you get through.


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