SKY VBS 2012 White Oak Christian Church

A couple of weeks ago I had the incredible experience of serving as a Family Leader for Vacation Bible School at Mount Airy Elementary, hosted by White Oak Christian Church and Light of the World Ministries. What I had heard about White Oak was that they did VBS big. What I experienced was that White Oak does VBS incredible!!!

As a mommy, a teacher, and a servant in children's ministry I am always interested in other church's children's ministry programs not only so that I can learn but so that my child and other people's children can learn too.

My role in VBS this year was to be a Family Leader. I was with my family group for 3 hours each day. We worshipped together, ate together, played together, learned together and we created together. I tell you that by the end of the week my group of children and I had became like a little family.

Some of the incredible experiences were Bible Adventures and Missions Mania. OMG!! During Missions Mania we all got to pretend that we were on an airplane. We traveled to India, Turkey, Ethopia, and Hati. This truly blessed us to learn about so many different cultures. On the night that we studied about Ethopia we saw a video entitled The Burden of Thirst. In this video we discovered that women in this country had a struggle unimaginable to us. Please view.

The Bible Adventures segment was amazing in that each day the room transformed into the story being presented. The pictures shown on this site are from my favorite adventure story. When I walked in and saw the crosses I about passed out. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. The person presenting the story never came out of character. He was so good!! He discussed making the crosses and demostrated how a person would be nailed to one. As an activity he gave us black strips of material, this represented bad stuff. We prayed in our family groups about bad stuff and then we layed our strips, the bad stuff, on the cross.

But it didn't end there. Next the faciliator rolled away the stone of where Jesus was buried and the cave lit up and all the children were given glow braclets to represent Jesus being the the Light. Man!!!!! Whew!!!!

This VBS experience truly left me with a different view of Children's Ministry. You first have to have a passion for God and for children. But then you have to be willing to use your gifts and resources to make the Word of God come alive for children. Even the games we played were so creative and engaging.

What an incredible experience for the children and for myself! I've already signed up for next year.

The biggest lesson I learned at Sky VBS this year.

No matter who you are
No matter how you feel
No matter what people do
No matter what happens
Trust God


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