Gospel Today Responds to The James and Cheryl Fortune Child Abuse Suit

This week I was shocked at the $5 million suit brought against the Fortune family. With a new cd released recently, a BET nomination for Best Gospel Artist and the Fortunes gracing a recent cover of Gospel Today as one of their "It" couples I'm sure that this news becoming public has been a huge blow to their family, friends and fans this week.

From Twitter to blog sites to gospel radio stations people are commenting on this topic. Some with prayer and some with outrage. We can only pray for those involved in this matter and hope for an amicable outcome for both families.

Over the past month we've seen a mega pastor arrested for disciplining his daughter and now this. This is a critical time to reiterate that as Christians we have to know God for ourselves and not rely on those in the spotlight to aid us in building a relationship with God. Pastors and recording artists are human just like we are. The only difference is their wider platforms to reach lost souls and of course their fame and fortune.

If the details of the suit are true my prayers go out to the child at the center of this suit. But let this be a huge lesson that being "It" isn't always as good as it seems.

Go to the following link to read Gospel Today's response.

Gospel Today Responds to The James and Cheryl Fortune Abuse Suit


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