Too Much Oil

My son and I have an issue with lawn care equipment. No matter how hard we try we can mess some stuff up. It could be a rake, a weeder or in this case a lawnmower. OK. Our second lawnmower. The first one was given to us as a gift. I have no idea what my son did, but what I do know is that it doesn't work anymore. Within the past couple of years my father gave us a new lawnmower. Like really new. Well...we haven't used it this year, or last year for that matter because it doesn't, rather it didn't work. It had this whole smoke out leaking liquid thing going on. It didn't look good. It definitely didn't smell good. So we've stopped using it. We come into the garage and just stare at it like "What did we do wrong this time?"

Since summer started I have been hearing several preachers preach about the woman who owed a debt and she had nothing but some oil. I remember one Sunday hearing Pastor RA Vernon preach the scripture and another Sunday I heard it preached by Pastor Jamal Bryant, preach Black Man!! In Pastor Jamal's sermon he discussed how the woman had everything she needed in her house and how the oil represented the anointing. He spoke about how people are always trying to think outside of the box and everything God wants for them is within.

So I'm trying to figure some stuff out here. One of them being who can I get to fix this lawnmower or should I get it replaced?  Would prefer fixed, our yard has issues. Recently one of my closest friends celebrated her birthday, afterwards her husband wanted to come look at our bicycles to see if my younger son could start riding. We he saw the bikes, he looked them over and stated there's nothing wrong with them. Well what about the lawnmower? He decided to take it home and look it over.

Later that week I get a text. A nice/irritated text. He stated "somebody put too much oil in the lawnmower and that's why it didn't work.." So he drained it and we sat the filter out and guess what. My son will be cutting the grass soon. It works!!!! At least for now.

I began to think about the sermons I had heard and the scriptures associated with the sermons. I called my mom and I asked her about being anointed and if one can have too much oil, too much anointing. She told me that God gives you the anointing that you need to do what He calls you to do.

"But Mom can you have too much anointing?"

"Honey, no you can't have too much anointing but you can have enough anointing where it will cause people to come and see about you."

Amen Amen and Amen Everything I needed was inside the box too much oil and all.

Elisha and the Widow's Oil


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