The Mirror Movement ~ Real Love Spring Fashion Show 2012



I think I have found my yearly event!! If you love fashion and you adore young people this fashion show is definitely the place to be. Many people must think as I do as this event sold out at the Sharonville Convention Center this past Sunday.

My friends and I go each year to support Ms. Taylor and we end up in awe and this year in tears as the organization put together a video of the girl’s photo shoot set to “What About The Children” by Yolanda Adams. Talk about a powerful moment. Fortunately for Stephanie and me, I had tissue handy.

The Mirror Movement is about empowering our girls. They do an amazing job at not only teaching the girls about fashion and movement but several scenes dealt with issues around concerns as it relates to body types and bullying. No matter the scene these girls were fierce and confident. You could see the effort that was put forth to make this event successful.

We decided on Sunday that we will be back each year. It’s so important that our girls see themselves as beautiful and confident. We want to be a part of that.

Remember when we were children? If not for those who loved us and cared for us, where would be today?

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