Fit For A Cause

Something incredible is happening in my life. As part of a church initiative I will have read the entire Bible by December 31, at least that's the plan. I work out a lot more and I am becoming very conscious of what I eat and what I purchase at the grocery store. Something about eating right and reading God's word in conjunction that has brought the phrase "Fit For A Cause" to mind.

I have been single for several years and I have not really thought about seeing anyone in particular. Though in the past few months I have thought that if "he" exists he has to be fit on so many levels. Inclusive of mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and psychologically. If that is the direction that I'm going he has to be going there also. If I take an inventory of men that I have dated or have been in a relationship with not one, not even the one I married, can I pick up the phone and say "I need" or "The boys need" and they respond.

You know why? Because I wasn't fit for a cause when I entered into those relationships. I wasn't trying to get the weight off, spiritually or physically. If they accepted me in my present state then I was cool with it never seeing a bigger picture or the bold bottom line that would show me God's bigger plan for my life. So I've been hurt. I've been rejected. I've been left. Each experience chipping away at the beautiful woman that so many family members had vested in.

Now being single has been advantageous to me over the past 3 years. I've had this time to really read His word and reflect on past hurts and past pains. God never wanted that for me. Only I for myself. Now I hear God clearly when He speaks to me that if I enter into a relationship it will be like nothing I have ever experienced before. God wants my family and me covered by a man who is already a believer, already a worshipper and one who I don't have to drag into His presence.

Looking back at my list of qualifications for a mate, God was never at the top of the list. My mate simply had to be tall, dark and we have similar interests. Well I got that several times and got left several times. But now....that's all changed. If I decide to date again, I'm in a different space and God has set me apart for such a time as this. He's called for me to go forth with His word and to do incredible things for Him. I'm getting fit for a cause. I preparing for those things that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard.

Speaking those things that are not as though they are


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