My Dream Just Got Messed Up ~ Rest Easy Heavy D 1967-2011

Heavy D

Many are called…but chosen are few……

As I sit here one week and one day away from my birthday I mourn the loss of one of my favorite Hip Hop Artists, Heavy D. And I mean one of my absolute favorites. If the day had not been trying enough, then I read the news on Facebook. Ugh!!

Probably one of my favorite visions of spending my birthday was to see Heavy D in concert one night and Fred Hammond the next night. Now the dream is messed up and with Fred Hammond coming to town on Friday and my birthday being next week….well it’s a bit much knowing that that dream will never come true.

Even as I write this blog the tears just fall and fall. Not a lot of artists impact fans like Heavy D. He was cool and handsome. In interviews you felt like he could be your brother, cousin, friend or boyfriend. You never saw him slipping. He never looked bad. He never sounded bad. Heavy D….he was bad. Just simply a cool artist.

His music made you want to dance and you didn’t have to worry about being a profane image of some negative imagination. As a woman when I listen to Heavy’s music I feel pretty, sexy and sensual in a way that a real man makes a real woman feel. My favorite song? All of them.

Today has been so bad that I had to turn off the radio because I can’t listen to his music right now. They were going to play 10 songs back to back. No, not today. I need a moment here. My childhood friend even texted me to check in on me. My brother called me from work to talk to me. See although I never saw Heavy D in concert, I didn’t miss a video, a new single release or a magazine interview. His music meant that much to me.

Heavy’s last Twitter message was “BE INSPIRED!”. How fitting that a man who inspired so many would leave us with those words. The dream may be messed up Hev, but thank you for so many years of good entertainment, whether it was music or T.V. Thanks for being true to you and letting that spill over in your music.

Your style, your image, and your body of work are forever timeless. You satisfy like a Caddy…

Thanks for being AN INSPIRATION! Hev


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