Fb Post from Dion Sampson

Below is a post I read on Facebook on 10.19.2011 ~ I had to share because it's so powerful. I hope it blesses you.

To all those that feel alone - Lonliness is not the absence of people it is the absence of direction. God is just trying to get your attention so He can reveal you to you. You are more than you are giving yourself credit for. So don't fight the "lonliness", just go through it and enjoy the fellowship with God and you will recognize that He needed your attention because you were settling for some...thing and someone that wasn't you. Jacob had to wrestle with God so that he could get the revelation that his name was really Israel. You are MORE than you give yourself credit for...THERE IS GREATNESS INSIDE OF YOU!! I don't care how many times you have fallen or messed up...THERE IS STILL GREATNESS ON THE INSIDE OF YOU, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT YOU!!! DON'T GIVE UP NOW, YOU ARE TO CLOSE!!! ~ Dion Sampson


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