Strong Challenge Card ~ Prayer ~ Write A Letter


Write A Letter


In your journal, write a letter to God that begins with, "The life I want most for myself is..." Finish the letter (or prayer) by completing this opening thought. It's okay to acknowledge mistakes you've made, but try to focus more on describing what a "good and beautiful life" would look like for you. Feel free to dream big, and let God in on your greatest hopes.



God is into dreams! He is the giver of dreams for our lives, and he assures us that the plans he has in store for us are good. (Jeremiah 29:11)

(Tip: if you don't know where to start or want to take this deeper, begin by asking God to give you the dreams he has in mind for you.)


The life I want most for myself is one that is free from fear. I think that if you get hurt enough you build up an unnecessary roughness. You say to yourself "No, that won't happen to me again. I won't allow it." In not allowing "it" to happen again I've closed off my heart. Not everyone knows my true self, my true heart. Most days it's fine for me to live this way but I know You don't want me to live a life where I fear taking steps. Where I fear friendships, and where I fear the best You have for me because all I can think about is the worst.

Lord the life I want most for myself is one that is free from fear. Lord please take that fear from me.

Because of You I am


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