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 Sunset This season a friend encouraged me to watch Sunday Best. On that episode all I could remember was the woman from Texas. Later I would find out that her name is Andrea Helms, First Lady of Friendship Church in Denton, TX.  Weeks later I texted my friend that the season finale was being postponed because of the storm. He told me that if Amber Bullock didn’t win that it was rigged. Now mind you I have no idea who the two finalist are but there is a buzz on Twitter and Facebook that makes me want to watch the season finale.

I believed I tuned in when Amber and Andrea were singing a duet and they sounded so beautiful together. I love that song, Moving Forward. Both women have amazingly beautiful voices and Amber Bullock would go on to win Sunday Best for Season Four. Afterwards Twitter and Facebook posed some interesting questions. Is the competition based on skill or anointing? Did Andrea lose because of race? Which I actually believe could open up a healthy dialogue in our churches. How do we define “Sunday Best”? In four years four African American women have won Sunday Best. Is that how America defines Sunday Best? A gospel artist tweeted that he would like to see a man win next year?  Would America vote for a man to be Sunday Best? Say, Marvin Sapp or Wess Morgan? Of course prior to their successes.

BET Networks ‘Sunday Best’ Season Finale Strikes A Chord


Let’s face it we live in American and race often comes up in various situations and conversations. Many comments online speak of Andrea Helms and the anointing that poured from each song. Does that qualify for Sunday Best? In recent years we have seen Martha Munizzi, her sister Mary Alessi and Vicki Yohe bring worship to another level. Who has not heard “Because of Who You Are” and just immediately reflect on the name of Jesus? Do they qualify for Sunday Best?

I sat there Sunday night waiting for the winner to be announced and watching the Tweets on my phone. And then it happened, Andrea Helms ministered a medley that sent me rewinding the segment about four maybe five times. I was in tears, I worshipped, and I praised. I was messed up thinking about how much God loves me. Thinking about how He does everything well. Does that qualify for Sunday Best? Just a thought.

First Lady Andrea Helms on Sunday Best


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