Get “Back To Worship”

Back To Worship Program If in one word I could describe last Saturday, September 3, I would use the word incredible. No, I would use awesome. Better yet, phenomenal. “Back To Worship” was just that phenomenal. It was a true worship experience that brought genders and cultures together in a way that I don’t believe I have ever experienced.

Over the summer Isaac was given the vision for “Back To Worship” and we worked hard making sure that all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. One of the things that I appreciate about Isaac is that it’s in his nature to accept the vision, see the vision and work the vision. Isaac had rehearsal at one in the morning on Saturday. When I arrived, Saturday evening, they were still rehearsing and making sure everything was in place. Even during  that time, a couple of hours before the program, you could sense something amazing was occurring in the sanctuary.

You see at this event people had come together, not seeking a concert but to worship. All this week the songs, that were ministered on Saturday, would just come to mind and I would stop and simply worship. “I Give Myself Away” and “I’m Available To You” to name a couple. There were so many moments of awe, inspiration and hearing from God in that service. Although I didn’t think I was crying, tears just kept falling from my left eye. My ears were opened to His Word and so was my heart.

From Isaac Quaye, to Waymond Dean, to Hosea, to Praise Charles, to Mark Robinson, to the band, to Priceless Poss, to the background singers, and everyone else who ministered it was truly a time for true worshippers to come together and shout unto God. This wasn’t a “I’m gonna be the best singer and show out” service. This was a “God is real in my life and I choose to worship Him” service.

The next day Isaac and I talked and we were both still in awe about the movement of God. Isaac shared what people had been expressing to him about “Back To Worship”. At the end of the conversation we tried to summarize the prior day. It was hard because so much could have been said but Isaac said it best. “Back To Worship” went beyond our expectations.

When I reflect on how God goes beyond my expectations I bow down and worship Him. I wanted a job He gave me a career. I wanted children and He gave me future church leaders. He makes my dreams come true. He erases my doubts and fears. He stops my enemies in their tracks. God is All of that and more and because of that we should get back to truly worshipping God who makes all things new.


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