Let It Rain – 2011 Midwest BFR Gospel Concert Experience

Back in May Isaac Quaye and I had discussed him auditioning for the talent portion of this year’s Black Family Reunion. To our surprise he was selected to sing twice at the event. We were so excited. The excitement went to another level when we learned that Pastor Marvin Sapp would be the featured artist at the Gospel Concert. Wow! Isaac would be on the same stage as an artist that he has admired since he was a teenager.

BFR 001

The news about the concert kept getting better and better. Soon I would read that Trin-I-Tee 5:7, Isaac Carree, and Brian Courtney Wilson would also be ministering at the concert. It was set in eternity for this moment to happen because I really don’t go out to a lot of events but I had no choice but to show up at this one.


BFR 007 BFR 003

Just as the news could get better, it also could get worse. A storm was coming. At the beginning of the concert it rained and they had to stop the concert. So I knew that after the rain passed we were set for an awesome worship experience. All of the acts prior to Pastor Marvin Sapp was awesome. Trin-I-Tee 5:7 were simply amazing and they got the crowd going. Isaac Carree came out and got us ready to be “In The Middle” of it. {His cd dropped yesterday, you have to go get it.} Brian Courtney Wilson came out and rushed through his set because a storm was coming and he wanted Pastor Sapp to hit the stage but it was too late.

I looked behind me and yes, a storm was coming. It was the darkest cloud coming over a very large crowd. The rain came down hard and fast. I tried to sit through it with my Walgreen’s umbrella. The rain soon proved too much and many people ran, or walked, for cover. Some people went home. I saw a tree that I was headed for when I spotted an older woman sitting in her chair with no umbrella, no poncho, no nothing. I asked her if she wanted me to help her to a shelter. She told me how her mother had recently passed and that she had to ship her mother’s body to Mississippi but she couldn’t do so until her siblings got into town.


BFR 012

This woman poured her heart out to me in the rain about how rough her week had been and she just needed encouragement. She told me that she was going to sit in the rain and wait out the storm to hear an encouraging word from Pastor Sapp. I stood over her and gave her what shelter I could with my umbrella, that I now need to replace. Minutes later, I looked behind me and I could see the storm passing. Because so many people had left the concert area there was now plenty of room near the stage. The lady asked me to go with her to the front of the stage and sit with her. And so I did.


BFR 017 BFR 014

Afterwards we hugged and I could see some of the heaviness lifted from her spirit. It was as if the rain had refreshed us and Pastor Sapp’s ministry had renewed us. The storm did pass and we endured the wind and the rain for a brighter moment. The next time I see a storm coming I’m going to say “Let it rain!” I’ll praise Him in the middle of it.


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