Yesterday I was so excited about Isaac Quaye ministering on A Time To Pray. I had asked him the previous day about his song selections. When he told me what they were I started thinking, I wish he would sing Uncomparable. I didn’t say anything to him about it but I silently prayed that other people would be able to hear that song and be blessed by it. So when my mom called me so I could listen to the program, via speaker phone, I was pleasantly pleased when the first song Isaac ministered was Uncomparable. God really does hear us.

Uncomparable has to be one of my favorite songs off Isaac’s latest cd My Secret Place. The song begins with the following words. I searched the whole world, to find someone like You. I searched it through and through, none can compare to You. That is so true in many areas of our lives, where we are searching for the the '”right” person, the “right” place to worship or the “right” employment opportunity. In that search we often lose who God created us to be by doing what we want to do in order to please the flesh.

One of the interesting things that I love about the song is the title itself. If you go to Webster and type in uncomparable it will tell you that this is not a word. If you go to that same site and type in incomparable it gives you the following definitions. 1. matchless 2. eminent beyond comparison. As an educator one of my favorite lessons to teach is about prefixes and suffixes so I ask you what do “un” and “in” have in common? They both mean “not” or “opposite of”. So I will apply the same definition of incomparable to uncomparable. Our God is matchless. Our God is eminent beyond comparison, meaning He stands out above the rest.

I can’t compare any man that I have dated to Him. I can’t compare any relative or friend to Him. I can’t compare any employment opportunity to Him. He’s matchless. He’s above all things in my life. When we really get that full understanding of not only who God is but who God is in our lives we will stop searching and realize that the One we have been searching for is already here and He loves us infinitely.


When it’s said and done He is the Mighty God

If there is a doubt then you should search search again

You would come to find that He is the only true God

He is the only One who is Uncomparable

(Lyrics from the song Uncomparable)


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