Something To Draw From

SunsetWithin the past two years I have prayed The Prayer of Jabez and The Serenity Prayer almost daily sometimes twice a day. I get up in the morning with the prayers and then I read daily devotionals by Pastor Jerry Savelle. I have learned to cover myself and my family before I get out the bed and before I fall sleep at night. Now that this has become a routine I can see how things are working out in my life. My territory is being enlarged. I teach amazing students and that impacts their families and communities, I go to my blog and see people from all over the world are hitting my site and to be honest I have people as friends on Facebook and Twitter that are both awesome and inspiring. For those things I am blessed indeed.

What I am finding that is most amazing is that since my prayer life has improved over the years I have a lot more to draw from when adversity comes up. I can rest upon the promises that God has for me. I know that God will never leave me and that I never have to worry about my needs or the needs of my family being met. I thank God for awesome grandmothers who have, and had, faith that God is all you need. I am thankful for my mom who always has the right words to say and even my younger son has learned that prayer really does work.

One day last week I was speaking with a young man about a new business venture and he was a bit frustrated about all of the things he needed to do and didn’t think about before hand. On Monday I spoke with a pastor who had an idea about a book for his church organization. As I spoke with both of these men the information they needed just sort of came out of me. I had to stop and ask my sister “I sound like I’m in a workshop don’t I?” After speaking to the business owner he said to me, “Arlinda, I really appreciate what you said. I really needed something to draw from and you provided that.

Don’t we all need that? Something to draw from? To regain strength? To renew our hearts? Have you ever just been in a dark and lonely place? You wonder how did I get here? I’ve learned to ask, what should I learn here? Though even in my learning it can still be difficult and hurtful. I would be lying if I told you the tears don’t fall and that sometimes I wish it would all just come to an end. When I feel like that God has this incredible way of soothing me and honestly I fall right to sleep. I feel that God is building me up for awesome experiences that even I could have never dreamed for myself.

If nothing else I am humble about my gifts and talents. I take nothing for granted and I never know who I will be a blessing to. I never know who will be a blessing to me. I pray that you have an awesome prayer life and a wonderful relationship with God so that in those valley experiences you will have something to draw from so that you can bless another person.


Yolanda Adams - Just A Prayer Away


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