Christian’s Delight – Cincinnati’s Newest Christian Owned Establishment

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This morning while on Facebook I received a friend request. I get real special when I respond to requests. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I have a procedure when confirming friends. Well, at least I try to. :) So when I saw the friends that we had in common, I thought “OK, I’ll be his friend”

As a result of confirming that friendship I was introduced to Cincinnati’s newest Christian owned Establishment – Christian’s Delight located on 1180 West Kemper Road in Forest Park, Ohio. Nick’s, profile picture, pulled me in to wanting to see and know more about Christian’s Delight. From the pictures I could tell that this is a place that I will have to not only visit but tell others to visit also. It’s absolutely gorgeous with modern furniture and beautiful urban colors. I’ll refer to the decor as urban chic.

Christian’s Delight is open seven days a week, serving lunch and dinner, and the venue can be rented out for private parties and events. I even called the owner to inquire about rental fees and he, Nicholas Taylor, was very friendly and professional. You could hear through the phone how excited he is about his new venture.

Nicholas wants Christians to have a venue to patronize that balances out their day. The music played at this venue is a mixture of clean secular music and gospel music. The location is smoke and alcohol free, with plenty of parking. Oh! And admission is free. He refers to Christian Delight’s as a “Light Club” as opposed to a “Night Club”.



This coming Friday is labeled as being for the “Grown & Sophisticated” and on Saturday Nicholas will roll out the first installment of The Christian Apollo at 7p.m. He informed me that you won’t get booed or pulled off the stage. After several installments a winner will be chosen and the grand prize winner will receive either studio time or air time on a local gospel radio station to promote their ministry.

For more information about Christian’s Delight or The Christian Apollo call 513.648.9723


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