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21st Annual Beautillion 006

One of my favorite movies is Something New with Sanaa Latham. Near the end of the movie we see her at a cotillion and speaking to herself she is basically telling the girls that what they are experiencing at that moment is not real. She then realizes that she loves the landscaper and goes after her man.

For me that was the closest I been to such an event, well at least until April 9, 2011. That is when my family attended the Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. 21st Annual Beautillion Militaire.

During the previous Fall my son had discussed being involved in the program with me and to be honest I said no. Then he was asked to participate a second time and I thought, hmmm…maybe it’s a sign. So for several months he, along with 12 other young men spent time together going to workshops and participating in community service events.

As the major event approached my son and I were forced to learn how to do several things new, including dancing the waltz. That will forever be in my mind. Waltzing to a soulful tune with my firstborn. All while he would gently let me know that I was not correctly going along with the choreography.

One of the cute memories is watching my younger son try and imitate everything we had to learn for the event. Even tonight he is dragging me around the house saying 123, 223. That is so cute and  you can see the impact the program had on him.

Early on the morning of April 9 we rehearsed and it was so awesome watching young people in their sweats and jeans dance in unison and with such poise. Then to see it that evening with the Beaus in their tails and the Belles in their white ballroom dresses. It was absolutely beautiful.

My family and friends had a wonderful time. The Beaus had created a bond that will stay with them. My son and I realized, in seeing the event through, just how much we really need to listen to each other and sometimes adjust the lead. That is definitely a future blog. Once when we were attempting the Viennese Waltz I heard a mentor yell, “You have to allow your son to lead.”

My little pumpkin didn’t miss a beat either. He knows all the Beau’s steps. His teacher asked me just last week, “What is this step he does when he comes into the classroom now?” He really, really enjoyed himself and just maybe in about 12 years he will too dance to the tune of 123, 223, 323. By then I will, at least should be, better at allowing him to lead.


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