black eyeliner

I have literally been wearing make-up since I was in the 7th or 8th grade. I started reading Teen, Seventeen, and Glamour magazines at an early age and fell in love with all of the different looks I could create using color.

It’s difficult for me to go without black eyeliner. Many years ago, before I even knew what liquid eyeliner was I would purchase Artmatic eyeliner pencils in black. When I would apply the pencil it would look like the color of lead but I wanted it to be darker. To get the look I wanted I would light up the tip of the eyeliner pencil so that it would be near melted. Before the pencil had a chance to cool I would apply it to the rims of my eyes. Now I had the look I wanted.

Well after trying several products I think I have found the perfect match for me. Milani LIQUIF’EYE. This pencil goes on smooth and after allowing it to sit for about a minute it is applied for the remainder of my day. Once the pencil wears down all I need is my sharpener. No more lighters for me.






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