Mother-Son Luncheon

MH900409107 Today I, along with 11 other mothers, was honored by my son. This luncheon was part of the 21st Annual Beatillion Militaire. For the past several weeks 12 families have been meeting in preparation for the final event. On today it was the Beau’s opportunity to give their mother special messages and tokens of affection.

Each young man expressed his love toward his mother in his own unique way. There were poems, letters, songs, a rap and a PowerPoint, that reduced me to tears.

Society is so often bombarded with negative images of young black men and yet today not one but 12 of them showed up at an event dressed for traditional Sunday service, supportive of each other, and gave eloquent presentations to the women who gave them life.

Next month we will all dress up, Waltz, watch our sons step in unison, and have dinner with our families. Today we had one of those rare moments just to sit with our sons, eat with our sons, listen to our sons speak from their heart and to hear our son say thank you and I love you mom.


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