Writer’s Block - Complex

One of my students is working on his career as a rap artist. He is serious too. He keeps his red notebook with him, at all times. He discusses potential lyrics with other students interested in the music industry. One day I asked him what his goals were. He told me that he was too complex for me to understand what his dreams were.

Wrong move on his part. I had to sit him down and tell him all of the things he should be doing to get his name out there. Are you going to concerts and networking? Are you reading magazines were artists and their companies are spotlighted? Are you on FB? Are you on Twitter? Is your demo ready, or at least near it? Needless to say after our conversation he comes to me whenever he is stuck with an idea. Last week I gave him a list of Greek and Latin root words and their meaning. You’d thought I had given him a Playstation 3 or something. This young man lit up like a Christmas tree.

On Tuesday in class he seemed down. When I asked him what was wrong he told me he had writer’s block and he didn’t know what to do. I told him that sometimes I have the same problem. Actually I am having that problem right now. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write. I have too much to write about. I liken this to rush hour traffic and everyone wants to get off at the same exit. The cars are coming from all lanes trying to merge to get to that one exit. For me that exit is my blog or my notebook.

I am trying to find a way to get some of it out but like my student, it’s just too complex.


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