24 Hour Grace

A local bank has been airing commercials for their new program, 24 Hour Grace. With this plan if customers overdraw their account they have 24 hours to come in with any excuse and make a deposit. The customer will encounter no overdraft fees and the program is available to all of the bank’s customers at no charge.

You mean to tell me that if I knowingly, or unknowingly, overdraw my account I can make it right within 24 hours and the company will forgive me?

Every time I hear this commercial I immediately think about how God works in my life. See when an account is overdrawn; the amount has gone past its limit. The account is no longer an asset. It’s now a liability. How many times have we gone past our limits financially, spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically? You know when you get to that point where you can’t do any more, say any more, or take any more?

That’s when God’s grace steps in and assists you in and through your situation(s). God aids us in getting back to our center so that we can get in balance to move forward with His plan for our lives.

So, the next time you feel overloaded, overworked, just over the edge remember to go to your place of prayer, confess your sins and believe that Jesus is Lord and that He will solve all of your problems. Then watch His grace work in your life above all you could ever imagine or ask for.

The very best part about God’s grace is that His grace is free to all of us. I don’t even have to have an account with Him because the old account with Him was settled long ago.


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