Why Wait? Behold I Do A New Thing

Generally many people wait for the end of December to start thinking about their New Year's Resolutions. Then on January 1, or somewhere around that time, they begin to implement their plans. Why Wait? Just do it now! As I blogged earlier I decided to post each day in December. I have head that anything you do for 30 days becomes a habit. Blogging wasn't the only thing that I decided to work on.

Have you noticed the new look on the site? I was going to wait and change it over the Holiday Break and then I thought, let me work on it now. God may have something else He needs me to do over break. I love the new look and especially the colors of green and lavender. They totally represent how I feel, at peace and forever growing.

I have also started to be more proactive in my home life, prayer life, and professional life. Yesterday someone gave me a survey to fill out. They told me to take my time and drop it in the mail when I had time. At that very moment I pulled out my pen, filled out the survey and dropped it in the mailbox that was located in the building. That felt so good!! That survey is one less thing that I have to remember to do.

Right now I am starting to question more and inquire more about those things God wants me to go after. One thing I believe He wants me to do is to be is more available for Him when He assigns a task to me. So some tasks I need to complete quick, fast, and in a hurry.

I have decided early on what I will do differently for the New Year, be more available for God, write more, and be more proactive. How about you? Have you decided what you will do differently for next year? Why wait? Just do it!!!


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