That Child of Mine

Last night I attended the steel drum performance at my son's school. I had attended another performance at the Homecoming Game earlier this year and had a really nice time. For some reason Alex was "real" excited about this particular performance. Mind you he has only been playing in the band since August but he was just as excited as if he had been in the steel band his entire high school career.

He looked so handsome in his khaki pants and Caribbean blue polo style shirt. This boy was ready to go like he was getting ready to hit the court, which many know possibly won't be happening this year because of his acl. As soon as we are in the auditorium he seems to simply turn "on". He was going back and forth to his position and practicing an hour before the actually performance.

Once the lights went dim and he comes over to kiss his brother and me and off he goes and off his brother goes to sleep. (lol) The beginning band performs first and my tall, well poised child is more than ready. The music starts and  all of a sudden I don't recognize my son. The beat consumes his every move, the people next to him vibe off him, and he supports everyone around him. There are even choreographed moves with several people on his line. Alex doesn't miss a beat, almost similar to being on the basketball court. I tilt my head and say to myself "what in the world"? Did I miss something?

See when Big Pumpkin, that's what I call Alex, was younger he could not play sports unless he sang in the choir. He was a faithful member from K-6 and he was exposed to so many different styles of music, some in dreamlike locations. Once he went to junior high school I had to release my love of the arts for him. For a very longtime it was all about sports. Once in high school in played in beginning band, that was only for a semester. I let the idea of the arts go. I figured he had so many experiences that he would come back eventually.

So imagine my surprise when he signed up for steel drum class and film class this school year. After last night's performance we talked about him continuing with steel drums once he went to college just for the fun of it. He's even thinking of signing up for Advanced Steel Drums for next semester.

Tonight we were discussing the performance and watching Everybody Hates Chris and he began to discuss different topics from his film class. Whoa!!!! It was a bit too much for me! We always have wonderful discussions about education and social issues, now we are adding music and film. It's so cool! It's his senior year, he's soon to be an adult, and that child of mine is growing into the young I'd always hoped he would be.

Sidebar - When I first wrote the ending I cried til my eyes burned.


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