I'm Talking Square Biz***Teena Marie's Impact On Me

When I started seeing the Tweets on Sunday about the passing of Teena Marie, it was a weird moment for me. I went on Facebook and saw links after links that would take you to someone's favorite Lady Tee song or video. I just couldn't bring myself to watch any of them and I didn't know why. I simply read an article on CNN, posted it to Twitter and called it a night.

Normally I am searching the net or surfing the cable channels to find out more information. This time I simply could not move myself to do it.

Since everything happens in God's timing I guess last night was my moment to reflect on her life when I came upon Unsung on TVOne showcasing the life of Teena Marie. As I sat and watched the show I realized that if I didn't know the lyrics to one of her entire songs, I knew the chorus and if I didn't know any of the words I was jamming like I was 12.

Which brings me to Square Biz. When they played that song last night I was in my own little world. Dancing and singing and so excited to hear that song. Thinking back nearly 30 years ago being eternally grateful for my father keeping music in our home. R&B, Funk, Jazz, Rap....just all of it came back in that instant.

Once the show was over I realized that Teena Marie's music came at a time when I was being bused across the city to go to school. When was I was becoming a teenager and not really handling that too well. When I was beginning to like boys and have crushes. When I was beginning a path to be where I am right now. In retrospect maybe I didn't want to hear Teena Marie's music on Sunday because it would take me back to a time that I have not really thought about lately.

Tonight I realize I need to write about Teena Marie and so I go to YouTube and search for Square Biz and the tears fell immediately, as I'm singing along, realizing this incredible R&B vocalist wrote and performed songs that helped me many years ago to get through my awkward pre-teen and teen stages. Being forced to look back wasn't bad at all, actually it helped me to see that all of those experiences assist in making up who I am.

Flashback who's that.......Thank you Teena Marie for blessing us with incredible and timeless music that we will continue to dance and sing to!!!!!!!!


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