The Goal

On December 1, 2010 I made a personal goal to post to my blog daily, for the month of December. Even though my days are sometimes more than busy I also realize that I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and I need to get them out. One day on Twitter writer Dream Hampton tweeted "writers write". Over the past weeks I have been reading more and becoming a bit more insightful on my personal goals. One thing that I had to look at was what is it that I have a passion for. I love to cook, but I am not a cook. I am not coming up with a show or trying to give demonstrations on my culinary skills. I love to sing. But to be honest I am not a singer. Meaning if you ask me to come up to the mic and give an A and a B selection on the spot, the most you will get is the chorus to some hymns that I have know for years.

As the year winds down I want to be clear on where I am going and how I am going to get there. For me that is knowing and understanding what it is that I have a passion for and what is it that I do well. Mother, it took this year and ALL of it's craziness to really want to know these things. I know effective yesterday the sky is the limit and that doors are being opened for me to step out to be a more effective teacher and writer both professionally and in ministry. It is now time for me to facilitate some workshops on the teachings and the blessing of God. My mother, Minister Natalie McGlothin, Aunt Evangelist Christine McGlothin-Moore, Pastor Kenneth Bibb and his wife Sister Lille Bibb have more than prepared me for it.

Reading here lately has opened my mind to not wanting more but rather being proactive and going out and getting it. I have a whole new understanding of faith without works is dead thanks to Pastor TD Jakes. The past is really where it is, behind me. Let those lessons simply be a framework for what will not happen again. 

On of my favorite prayers is the Prayer of Jabez. I have prayed it almost 2x daily this year. Yes, I want to be blessed indeed! Yes, I want my territory enlarged and you know what I am going to get for my sons, for my parents, for grandparents, for great-grandparents, for my teachers and pastors who have poured into me and everyone who survived adversities so that I can be in the position I am in now.

The goal is more than writing daily on my blog. Rather it's to continue on this path and be steadfast and unmovable. I am a teacher. I am writer. I will use those skills to empower others and to continue to empower myself.


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