Christmas Time!!!!

For the past couple of weeks the spirit of Christmas has kind of fell upon me.

There are so many things about my childhood that stand out for me about Christmas. My grandmother (Granny) would always have mixed shelled nuts and a nutcracker. That is where my love for pecans began. It took me forever to learn how to crack the pecan without shattering the shell and the pecan completely. My Aunt Eddie ALWAYS made the best Christmas cookies, from scratch. I do mean ALWAYS! As my siblings and I became older it didn't matter what she cooked, we just wanted to know if the cookies would be ready. My favorites were the Mexican wedding cookies and the chocolate chip cookies, I believed the chocolate chip cookies had pecans or walnuts in them. They were so good. My overall favorite gift came from my parents. It was a two-story doll house that had working lights, working light fixtures and real wooden furniture. I love dollhouses to this day and I talk about dollhouses so much that my younger son tells me that he will get me one for Christmas.

This Christmas was different for us. was a bit rough to say the least. We have endured some storms and some setbacks but early in December God placed it on my heart to continue making memories for my children like so many of my relatives had done over the years. And that is what I did. God sent an angel to kick it all off because I wasn't thinking about Christmas for my sons or the children at church. One afternoon I was sitting at my desk and Ms. Marsh asked me out of nowhere, "So, what do you have planned for the children at church?" I had nothing planned until Ms. Marsh came back from her desk.

Check out the pictures..........

Ms. Marsh's idea for me to create for Christmas. Candy Cane Reindeer.

Everything came from Walmart. This was less than $15, even with the purchase of the glue gun.

You begin by holding two candy canes together and wrapping the glitter stems around them.

Step 1 is now complete. It's time to heat up the glue gun.

Using the glue gun you place a pom pom for a nose and two wiggly eyes.

Yes, my son did help and we had fun too much fun creating our candy cane reindeer.

Ms. Marsh brought these in one day. OMG!!

For this special treat I bought a bag of pretzel sticks, 6 Hershey chocolate bars, and some sprinkles. 1st Melt the chocolate in the microwave. 2nd Use a spoon to coat 1/2 of the pretzel. 3rd Pour sprinkles on the chocolate coating. 4th place on a plate and refrigerate overnite. The next morning I put them in these cute holiday Ziplock bags.

Holiday bags for Children's Church -- Too Cute!!!

I even backed carrot cake cookie with cream cheese icing. On the plate are some of the candies put into the treat bag for Children's Church.

Merry Christmas!!!!

With the help of Ms. Marsh I was able to snap out of my little world of despair and get things going. Ty had treats for his teachers and friends. Al had baked French Toast (didn't take pics) for his teacher and friends. The children at church had holiday treats and I had the pleasure of knowing I had created some memories for all of them.

When we left out for school the other day, I asked my sons if they had all of their holiday bags. My older son responded, "Yeah Martha, we got everything." lol Now, what shall I cook for Christmas dinner? Lamb? Duck? Hmmmm........


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