Break Us To Make Us

Alex McGlothin has literally been playing basketball since kindergarten. He began playing organized AAU in the third grade with the Friars Club. Over the years he has strived to be one of the best basketball players. With the Friars Club he has traveled many summers to State and National AAU Tournaments. Needless to say he has been looking forward to playing in high school.

Currently Alex is a co-captain for his high school team. Over the summer, while playing in a tournament in Indy, Alex tore his acl and knew that his senior season might not turn out to be what he expected. Going into surgery our family received many words of encouragement. Everyone is expecting that Alex will bounce back from this. On Alex's Facebook wall there was an out pour of support. One status that stood out was from our pastor. He wrote sometimes God has to break us to make us.

The season has started and Alex is wearing it hard that he can't be on the court with his teammates, that he can't be on the court period. I am seeing a difference in him. He is working hard in rehab and he is listening intently to what his doctor and mentors say to him. I have no doubt that he is paying even more attention to what goes on the court. The hunger to get back out there is evident with his now taking charge of scheduling appointments as to not miss any games with his peers.

If anything, our family has learned that out of brokenness healing comes. With healing comes strength. Alex is healing and regaining strength. Though we are not sure about his high school season we are more than sure that Alex will return to the court. I know I have wondered why the injury and why now. I truly believe that Alex is being prepped for something greater than he has ever imagined both on and off the court.

Alex McGlothin - Senior- Walnut Hills High School


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