1+1 Does Not Equal 11

Recently I was visiting with a friend and I was amazed at how she incorporated learning time with playtime. As the boys would run around the house she would call them over to the couch where they would have mini tutoring sessions. Once one brother was finished, the next one was summoned to the couch. I sat there thinking ok, this may work at home. My son is a busy person.  He goes from the television, to the kitchen, to the basketbal hoop and eventually to bed to prepare for the next day. We were not doing a lot of educational activities together and it was time to do something about that.

A couple of days ago we started our reading and math time. It's been going really well. Although last night, he had a few things he would rather be doing and he was quite vocal about it. Fast forward to today. We are leaving my parents and he asked me what were we going to do today. I ran down the list for the evening. He told me he did not want  reading and math time. I paused and looked at him and said "Ok. Tell me what one plus one equals?" He put his little index finger up to his mouth like he had the winning Jeopardy answer and blurted out "Eleven!"

Yeah! We definitely will be having more reading and math over here.


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